Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Design of Dissent Show, Romanian Design Week 2017

I just got a few images of the Design of Dissent show at Romanian Design Week in Bucharest.

The show features art from the upcoming new extended edition of The Design of Dissent
by Milton Glaser and I published by Rockport Publishers.
The book will be released in September of this year.

Special thank you to Ovidiu Hrin who organized and designed the show.

Dan Dare, finally makes is from deep space.

From deep space and a time-machine (1960) straight to my arms.
"Dan Dare" by Bruce Cornwell from Eagle Magazine, episode 2, page 2, 1960.
I was totally surprised how small the original art actually is (24 x 31cm or 9.5 x 12.25in.)
It's almost the same size as it was when it was published.

More about "Dan Dare" here.

Friday, May 19, 2017

"The Club" aboard Seabourn Encore.

I created the logo and identity for 'The Club' aboard luxury Seabourn Encore Cruise Ship.
On this project I collaborated with Adam Tihany from Tihany Designs.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

'The Retreat' on Seabourn Encore

I just came across this photograph on twitter of flip flops with my logo for 'The Retreat'
deck spa on the luxury Seabourn Encore Cruise Ship.
I collaborated on this project with world renowned interior Designer Adam Tihany.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rene Wanner's Posterpage

Good News about the Tolerance Traveling Poster Show.
Respected Rene Wanner's blog Posterpage from Switzerland just posted news about Tolerance posters and the shows and annoucing the upcoming show by Mikser Beograd in Belgrade, Serbia.

Check it out here.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Belgrade Announcement

Mikser festival 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia will be hosting Tolerance poster show
on May 25th to May 28th.
Hope to see you there!

Artist of the posters are: Milton Glaser (USA), Yuko Shimizu (Japan), Paula Scher (USA), Novi kolektivizem (Slovenia), Istvan Orosz (Hungary), Peter Bankov (Russia), Jumping He (China), Fons Hickmann m23 (Germany), Michel Bouvet (France), Chaz Maviyanne-Davies (Zimbabwe), Alejandro Magallanes (Mexico), David Tartkover (Israel), Sue Coe (Great Britain), Anette Lenz (France), Tarek Atrissi (Lebanon), Hamza Abdel (Jordan), Mwalimu Saki Mafundikwa (Zimbabwe), Studio Sarp Sozdinler (Turkey), Reza Abedini (Iran), Felipe Taborda (Brazil), Manuel Estrada (Spain), Srdja Dragovic (Montenegro), Xiao Yong (China), Anur Hadziomerspahic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland) and, Katarzyna Zapart (Poland).

Check out more on Mikser's website Here.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

El Cobra

I just got myself an original comic art page for "EL COBRA" by Arturo Del Castillo. I even got a bonus tear-sheet with color pencil markings for color separation.
"Larrigan" is next.

More about Arturo Del Castillo Here.